Sunday, September 27, 2009


My apologies to everyone for taking so long to get this posted but I did want to try it first and verify the links. My comments are in brackets [ ].

PhotoStory 3 for Windows

You can make a movie of your garden or another event using PhotoStory 3 for Windows. To download PhotoStory click here.

There is a link near the top of the page [big blue arrow] to download it. Because it is technically part of Windows - if you have XP or Vista, you may already have it or an earlier version. If not, you will have to go through a "validation" process first that you are running "genuine" Windows software - then it will take you to a download page. [You also need Microsoft Windows Media Player 10, download this first if you do not have it.]

After you have completed the download look for the link near the bottom that says "create your first photostory." This is a pretty decent step by step page.

There are other links down there for more detailed steps, and some example movies that are nice.

JakesOnline is a great website that contains tutorials that are really good. There's even a nice, printable tutorial. [I found this site very helpfull. Be sure to download their blank slides. After you click one one and have a blank on your screen, right click on it and then "Save Image As."]

I really loved playing with this in the few minutes I had to work with it. The only problem I had was that I have no music on my computer and Media Player only came with a couple of selections. Have fun playing with it and if you have any problems leave a comment and we'll see if we can help each other out.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Time Flies

September is flying by and our meeting is fast approaching. Remember that the plant swap is at 6:30 pm, Wed, the 16th, in the church parking lot. The meeting will follow at 7:00 when Sue Yard will teach us how to make a Digital Garden Tour.

See you then!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

September Newsletter

September Meeting

The September meeting will be on Wednesday the 16th at the Pulaski Wesleyan Church. We will have a plant swap at 6:30 PM. Sue Monson and Herta Wilson will be in charge. Drop your plants off before 6:30 with Sue or Herta. They will arrange them and let us know when the swap begins. No plants are to be swapped before 6:30 PM. Please label your plants with color, sun or shade, etc.

At 7:00 PM Sue Yard will give a presentation on how to create your own Digital Garden Tour. This will be a tool that you can use for other occasions, as well. Feel free to bring guests.

Refreshments for our September 16th meeting will be brought by: Dave & Debbie Ward, Betty Perkins and Marilyn Gray.

August Recap

The August meeting was held in the Pulaski Library. Eleven arrangements were entered in the “BOOKS 'N BLOOMS" Flower Show. We started the evening by admiring all the entries and the first order of business was voting for the winners! The Club voted as follows:
First Place- Dave & Debbie Ward, nice job Emily!
Second Place- Linda Cough
Third Place- Diane Watkins!
The results of the voting by the general public, which was 67 people over a two day period:
First Place- Linda Cough
Second Place- Nancy Dailey
Third Place was a three way tie with Dave and Debbie Ward, Betty Perkins, and Diane Watkins.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WHO ENTERED!! Job well done! Thank you for participating in “BOOKS 'N BLOOMS". Nancy Dailey presented a beautiful gardening book to the Librarian as a thank you for hosting “Books 'N Blooms.

The current membership list was handed out during the meeting and it was asked that any corrections be submitted to Jan Tighe, our secretary. An e-mail buddies list was also formed so that members without internet access may receive the latest up dates and information. Any questions regarding e-mail buddies please check with Jan Tighe.

We have a volunteer to up date and maintain our Gardening Friends scrapbook. Yeah!! Thank you, Diane Watkins!! Nancy Dailey will bring scrapbook to the September meeting.

The club is in the process of purchasing four lightweight folding banquet tables and a tent to use in various club events. Herta, our treasurer, is investigating the matter.

Lorice asked us to consider if we want to continue donating to the Friendship Shop and Lion’s Club or do we want to direct our funds to other charities? Suggestions welcomed.

It was noted that in November 2009, we would hold election of officers. The club is seeking a nominating committee. Anyone interested, please contact Lorice or Marci, we MUST have a nominating committee by the September meeting.

Remember September 20th is Sycamore Gardens tour 11-4 in Marcellus. At this date Sheila Nitsky and Lorice will be going. Lorice would be driving and can accommodate 2-3 more people.

Planning Ahead

Mark your calendar for the third Wednesday, October 21st. It will be a pot luck dinner and slate painting demonstration. Meeting will be headed by Marci Groman as Lorice will be in Aruba.

The Club has secured the Salmon River Art Center for December 9th for our Christmas party this year. It will probably be everyone brings a dish as last year. This will be discussed at a later date.