Saturday, July 10, 2010

July Newsletter


It's Upstate New York alright, rainy and cool then 90 degrees in the shade! The gardens get a bit stressed when it's that hot and so do the gardeners.

Thank you to Betty Perkins and Marilyn Gray for allowing us to tour their lovely gardens, and to Carol Holden and Tammy Reynolds from the 3 Mums, for hosting our June meeting. Because of the very rainy day, the attendance was not great but we really miss everyone and hope to see you all at our July meeting on the 21st.

Our club took 2nd place in the garden design entry...great job Debbie & Dave Ward and their assistants. It really looked like a "Cabin in the Woods". Our club also took first place in the scarecrow contest. Congratulations to Jean Lee-Mosier for taking home two second place ribbons. One for her table setting and the other for her flower arrangement. Herta Wilson entered her wonderful quilts and won three first place ribbons, one second place ribbon, and "Best of Show" !!

Our next meeting is Wed. July 21st at 7:00pm in the Pulaski Library (right across from Springbrook apt. and next to Dollar General). The club will be showing off our creativity through "Books and Blooms". Just choose a book (any book; novel,children's book, cookbook, how-to book, etc.) then make an arrangement of fresh or dried flowers to be displayed with it. The flowers can come from your own garden or bought. Each entry will get about a 30"x30" area. Make sure your container does not leak as they will be displayed on the bookcases. Now this is where your creativity comes are encouraged to embellish or accessorize it anyway you choose. Whether you bring an arrangement or not, everyone will vote that night for their favorite and prizes will be awarded. Each arrangement will get a number for judging, NO names are displayed. The public will vote Thursday and Friday. They can be picked up on Saturday before noon. The library and the public really enjoy the "Books and Blooms" so PLEASE bring one and just have fun with it!!!

Also that night we will be having a gardening books and magazines exchange. So check your bookcases and coffeetables to see if you may have any you've read and would like to pass along.

Becky Kennedy and Jody Dobbins signed up for July refreshments. If anyone has not signed up yet and would like to bring a snack to share, that would be great.

On Saturday, Sept. 11th is "A Gathering of Gardeners" in Rochester. It is a road trip worth going on! For the symposium schedule and information, check it out here. For a group of 5 or more, and postmarked before August 1st, it is $38. This will be discussed and planned at our July meeting.

August 18th we will be back at the Wesleyan church to hear Brad DePoint speak on "Continuous Color in the Garden". It's hard to do, so any tips or pointers would be appreciated.

Hope to see everyone at the library! Nancy Dailey