Monday, October 6, 2008

October Newsletter

The next meeting will be held October 15th at 6:00 PM. We will be having a harvest covered dish supper so we will be meeting an hour early. Bring a dish to pass. Following the dinner we will work on dried flower arrangements so please bring dried flowers and other necessary items. CJ, David K., and Peggy H. are on the refreshment committee and will be bringing deserts.

September Meeting Recap

September's meeting started with members exchanging plants outside the church hall before the meeting.

The minutes were read by Jan. A motion was made by Phill and seconded by Nancy S. to accept the minutes as read.

Lorice handed out business cards for the garden club that Charlotte had made for each of us. If you are still having trouble getting to our web site, some members have better luck using yahoo, than goggle.

Herta gave the treasurer's report. We had a beginning balance of $1024.15 and an ending balance of 927.46. Our only club expenses have been for the newsletters. A motion was made by Mike N. and seconded by Barb S. to accept the treasurer's report.

Lorice shared the only correspondence for the month. It was an advertisement for a garden tour this coming Sunday, Sept.21st at the Hanford's Sycamore Hill Gardens, 2130 Old Seneca Turnpike in Marcellus, NY. from 11am to 4 PM. It is to benefit the St. Camillus Foundation. Tickets are $5 in advance and $8 at the door. There is a $2 processing fee for group tickets. Lorice read a long list of gardens on the tour and a map and flyer were passed around. Garden club members who have visited this garden, said it is worth the trip and well worth while.

Committee Reports were next. Phill and Barb, the head of the garden tour committee, said they have the gardens committed for next year. It will be the 3rd Saturday in June.

There was a discussion about the dates for the plant sale. A motion was made by Nancy C. and seconded by Marci that we will have two plant sales. The first one will be in the park, May 16th and the second one will be the day of the garden tour. Nancy C. will chair the plant sale committee with the help of Herta and Diane C.

Lorice was not able to contact our speaker so he was a no show. The rest of the meeting was a question and answer session. Inquiring minds wanted to know
- Are there pink forget-me-nots?

Answer, yes and no. Their color is determined by soil and sun. Most members who had pink, also had blue on the same plant.

-Where do you get daylilies that bloom continuously all summer?

Answer, they are called rebloomers and were written about in the last week's paper. You can also go to Grace Gardens. They are growers in Penn Yan for more information.

- Does anyone have lanterns on their Japanese Lantern plants?

Answer, no. The Japanese beetles had them for breakfast.

- Do people pinch their mums?

Answer, yes and no. Members that are not living at higher altitudes do until July. Those living more on the Tug Hill find the growing season is not long enough to pinch their mums and get flowers before the snow blows.

New members at the September meeting were Mike and Chris H., Alice R. and Claire W. This was June F.'s second meeting. Welcome to you all!