Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November Newsletter

October Meeting Recap

The October meeting was called to order by Marci, after a wonderful potluck Harvest Dinner. There were 22 members in attendance. Our best wishes go out to Lorice, who was home sick and was not able to come to the meeting.

The minutes from September's meeting were read by Jan. Herta gave the treasurer's report, we have $957.00 in the club's account.

Herta had received a letter from the Friendship Shop in Sandy Creek, asking for our continued support in filling Christmas baskets for the needy in the area. A motion was made by Charlotte and seconded by Linda C. to donate $100 from the treasury. Our actual donation last year was $120, but we had a collection can at the November meeting, and the extra $20 was included with the $100 from the Garden Club. There will be a can at the upcoming November meeting again this year.

The planning for the Christmas party has begun. Deedee has been contacted to see if her home is an option again this year. She will get back with us. If anyone else is interested in hosting our Christmas party, let Lorice know.

A card was passed around for CJ. She has had a lot on her plate lately. Please send good thoughts her way!

Kris H. asked if we have ever had a seed exchange and true to past practice, she was immediately put in charge of the project. We all have had the frustration of paying too much for a package of 100 seeds when we wanted less than a dozen. We thought this might be a good thing to do at the March meeting. If you have any suggestions for working out the logistics, so we don't all show up with the same package of tomato seeds, bring them to the next meeting. This may be a way to save some money and have a chance to try different plants without having to order a whole package of seeds.

We concluded the meeting by going around the group introducing ourselves and telling one thing we loved about the Fall. It was an enjoyable way to know each other better and share the joys of Autumn. We're also wondering what happened to the name tags.

November Meeting

We will be making wreaths at our next meeting, November 19th at Trust Florist & Nursery. Bring your own wreath frame or $5 to buy one there. They will provide everything you need for a small fee or you may bring your own decorations. The meeting will start at 5:30 pm. Please note the earlier time! Holly B., Jerri M. and Jan T. are bringing finger food for November's meeting. Marci is bringing hot cider.